Although I have a science degree I work mostly on social and political issues, much of this for agencies of the United Nations, particularly in Asia and the Pacific.

Writer – My  most recent books are the Oxford Guide to Countries of the World, the third edition of which was published in 2010, the No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance (2009) and the No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration (2008). I have also written a history of the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 

Editor – I have edited numerous publications for United Nations agencies, including the global UNDP Human Development Report and the regional human development report for Asia and the Pacific. For some publications, for Oxford University Press and others, I take the publication to the page layout stage and prepare the files for the printer.

Web designer – Recently I have also been engaged in designing, writing and coding for websites using ExpressionEngine.

Scenes from a recent assignment in Samoa

Grandfather in Samoa
Householder in Apia
Secondary school in Samoa
Secondary English class